Advocate for Your Local Restaurants

Another concrete way to support your favorite local restaurants is by contacting our representatives to urge them to provide relief to the restaurant industry.

Inspired by language from Eater's Hilary Dixler Cavanan and Chef Ryan Rogers, here's a letter you can copy, paste and send to Governor Andy Beshear (contact here) and Mayor Greg Fischer (and here). 


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in Louisville, [ZIP CODE]. 

Thank you for the leadership you and your staff have shown in the face of this pandemic, and all the work you are putting in to keep your constituents safe and healthy. 

As you know, in Kentucky over 200,000 people work in the food and beverage industry, representing 10 percent of the employment in our state. Beyond the numbers, local restaurants and bars — and their staff — are integral to the cultural and social fabric of any community; here in Louisville, F&B industry members are also often the ones behind the lasting memories made by visitors to our city, making them an intrinsic part of the $3.5 billion generated annually from tourism activity in Louisville. 

Many work without paid sick leave or health insurance and now, following state mandates for reduced capacity and services, many of those same employees are facing layoffs or severely cut hours.They will not have an easy time finding work in the restaurant industry any time soon, and their access to unemployment benefits has been uneven. They need government aid in the form of ongoing universal basic income, and relief from rent and protection from eviction. 

Do not let a bailout happen that only lets national restaurant chains survive. Local restaurants define our communities.⁠ Local restaurant businesses need immediate rent abatement, tax deferrals, eviction protection, and money. 

Please create a relief fund that these small to medium businesses can access, with money they do not owe back.⁠

Every dollar spent in the table service segment contributes $1.69 to the state economy; every dollar spent in the limited-service segment contributes $1.54 to the state economy.

Do not let a bailout happen that only lets giant fast-food companies survive. McDonald’s has deep pockets. Your favorite neighborhood restaurant doesn’t.

Thank you,